Church of Christ

Shivajinagar, Bangalore, India

Bible Quiz 2021

Bible Quiz 2021

Organized by the church of Christ, Shivajinagar, Bangalore

Topic: Words and Deeds of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Quiz Date and Time: Saturday, July 3, 2021, at 12.00 pm.


Read all 13 points/sections below very carefully!


1. About the Quiz: 

The Quiz will be based on all the words and deeds of Jesus as found in the New Testament. 

The majority of Jesus’ words and deeds are found in the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. His words and deeds are also found in other books like Acts and Revelation. While there is harmony in the Gospels, the participants must be able to differentiate between the various accounts of the words and deeds of Jesus across the Gospels to ensure accuracy of answers as may be necessary for certain questions. 

While the quiz is conducted in the format of a competition, the organizers intend to encourage participants to study, memorize, learn and appreciate the Word of God. Therefore, participants are urged to prepare in the same spirit.

Tip: Refer to a red-letter online/paper Bible edition that highlights the words of Jesus.


2. Bible Version: The quiz will be conducted using the NKJV


3. Quiz Format:

  • The quiz will be conducted in a team format. Each team will have exactly 2 members.
  • The quiz will be conducted online using Zoom
  • There will be two rounds of competition. Both rounds will be completed on the same day. There will be a 2-hour lunch break between the two rounds.
    • Round 1 – Qualification Round
    • Round 2 – Finals
  • Top 5 teams from Round 1 will proceed to Round 2
  • Zoom links will be different for each of the rounds. Zoom link for Round 1 will be shared 2 days before the event. Zoom links for Round 2 will be shared after the completion of Round 1.
  • Round 1 will be restricted to participation by the registered teams.  No audience will be allowed to participate in or view Round 1. An audience including eliminated teams will be allowed to log in to Round 2 of the competition for viewing. The audience will remain on mute at all times.


4. Zoom Meeting Prerequisites:

Meeting Setup Rules. Each point must be strictly followed to ensure fair competition. The meeting setup should be thoroughly tested by the teams well in advance to avoid last-minute issues.

  1. The camera should be ON at all times
  2. The microphone should be UNMUTED at all times
  3. Background noise audio setting in Zoom must be set to High. When nothing is being spoken the Input level should look completely greyed out as shown in the screenshot below. The “Turn on Original Sound” option must be disabled.
  4. Zoom Desktop Client for Windows MUST be version 5.2.0 or higher. 
  5. HD Video setting must be disabled
  6. No virtual backgrounds are allowed
  7. Participant teams MUST name/rename themselves at login in the following format: “Anna and Mary” where Anna and Mary are the names of the participants. No full names and initials are allowed in the Zoom login.
  8. When asked to speak, the participants must be audible. Microphone tests should be done using the “Test Mic” feature of Zoom to ensure clarity in the audio.


5. Quiz Responses:

  • Each team will receive a PDF on their registered email ID containing the Answer Sheet.
  • The Answer Sheet must be printed out before the Quiz and only 1 Answer Sheet must be used by the team during the Quiz.
  • Answers must be filled in BLOCK LETTERS
  • Names of the team members must be filled in


6. Participation Rules and Information:

  1. Participant teams MUST be in a closed and completely sound-free room to avoid any external factors (vehicles, running fan, voices, dog barks, etc) and influences from being heard/seen. 
  2. The room must be very brightly lit with participants in a well-illuminated location within the room and no lights directly facing the camera to avoid glare
  3. Both team members must be seated at a table and their heads and hands and the answer sheet (but not the answers) must be visible to the camera at all times.
  4. Bathroom breaks are NOT allowed during the quiz.
  5. There should be no one else other than the participants present in the room at any time during the quiz 
  6. There can be only 1 team in a room. Both participants must be physically present in the same room.
  7. Discussion between the team members must be completely inaudible to anyone else in the Zoom meeting. However, your microphone should be UNMUTED at all times.
  8. A laptop/desktop must be used for joining the Zoom meeting. This will allow easy viewing of questions and any instructions that the quizmaster will display on the screen. Mobile phones are not to be used to login to Zoom.
  9. Only ONE device must be used by a team to log in to the Zoom meeting.
  10. Participants MUST also have a camera phone capable of taking high-resolution pictures of the answer sheet for submission. This phone must be email and WhatsApp enabled. However, all phones must be in flight mode during the quiz.
  11. Participants must use a 10 Mbps internet connection or better. Internet speed can be tested at in the same room as the one the team will use for participation. If for any reason, a high-quality Internet connection is not possible, teams must reach out to the organizers to explore possible alternatives.
  12. Questions will be displayed on the screen. Participants cannot ask for questions to be repeated. 
  13. Participants can ask for clarifications to questions that may be unclear for some reason.


7. Internet Stability Check:

  • There will be a time ticker on the quizmaster’s screen to allow participants to get instant visual feedback on the stability of their connection.
  • Each team must display a table clock on their table with the second hand/ticker visible on the video.


8. Dry Run:

  • There will be a mandatory dry run on Thursday, July 1 at 8 p.m. The Zoom link and a dry run checklist will be shared with participants before July 1.
  • Teams must use the same room and setup that they plan to use on July 3.
  • At least 1 team member must be present for the dry run


9. Disqualification:

  • Team is deemed to have disrupted the quiz proceedings or have participated unfairly
  • Bathroom breaks during the competition
  • Team is NOT UNMUTED or NOT ON CAMERA at all times or doesn’t respond quickly enough when spoken to (even if due to a bad Internet connection). So participants must test their setup and ensure a very stable and high-quality Internet connection.
  • Team’s answer sheet (not answers) is not visible at all times
  • Team has not participated in dry run
  • The decision of the quizmaster on disqualification and all other matters will be final


10. Prizes and awards:

  • At the end of Round 2, the top 3 teams will be awarded well-deserved trophies, cash prizes and certificates.
  • There will be consolation prizes for the 4th and 5th positions.
  • All participants will be given Participation Certificates and tokens of appreciation.


11. Standard of competition:

  • Participants must expect to compete with teams who have memorized entire sections of important passages, thoroughly know details of significant events in a book, know the book-chapter-verse of important quotations by Jesus, etc. 
  • In the past, winners have been teams who have got 99% of all answers right. Teams are expected to use the majority of 3 months available till the date of the quiz to give themselves a bright chance to qualify for the final round. 
  • Teams beginning preparation 1 or 2 weeks before the quiz for example are highly unlikely to progress to the finals.


12. Registrations are now closed. 


13. Contact Person for Queries/Information: Jay Swamidass | 9880705996 |


The information on this page is subject to change. Participants are advised to periodically check for updates.